How many forms do I need to fill in to finance a vehicle?

None. Once approved its a click of the button. It’s fast and simple. It could be something of an addiction.

Who are Flip Vehicle Stocking Loans and what do you do?

We finance vehicles from 1 day old to 1 year old. 12 Months is the ideal age to dispose of a rental vehicle. Guess it’s time to “Flip It”.
No deposits necessary on stock vehicles.
You pay interest daily.

What sort of costs are involved? + VAT

We charge a £500 setup fee to join and £125 per vehicle loaded. Interest is paid daily on the vehicles and payments taken monthly.

Can you finance VAT?

Yes we can.

Can we help finance your rental business?

Yes of course. We can help spread the monthly cost of vehicles purchases. Either via direct purchase, Flip & Return or Flip 2 Buy.

How is the loan secured?

On the vehicle.

Is there a tracker on the vehicle?

Yes. We track it. You track it. We are all happy unless of course your partner gets hold of the App.

Can I settle early?

Interest is paid daily so yes. If you have the funds “Flip” the vehicle and take out another stocking loan on a fresh vehicle.

Can you raise my credit limit?

Submit yearly accounts and bank statements and we are happy to revisit this and help you grow your fleet.