Growing Market

The world has changed if you had not noticed. More and more people over the next 25 years will not need a vehicle every day of their life. As more people work from home or remotely the market for rental vehicles will only grow. Thus there has never been a better time in history to be in the rental vehicle business or the camper van rental business. Many families will move away from the tradition of owning two vehicles and simply rent when needed either daily or just for holidays. More families will prefer to drive abroad in a camper van than ever before to avoid planes.
At Flip we think that we offer the most innovative and competitive funding offer for a rental vehicle funding.

Easy Vehicle Funding

No deposit required on stock vehicles. Pay a monthly interest and pay for the vehicle at the end of the term. The hardest part of renting or converting vehicles is the funding. Well it was until now. Before Flip.

Why Flip?

Most vehicle rental franchises require hard cash of up to £500,000 pounds in the bank plus premises. Cars and vans are expensive but we can help acquire these assets without having to take massive risks. For a small up front Joining Fee we can help you grow your rental fleet with the absolute minimum outlay via our Flip To Buy and Flip To Return Schemes. You might be a camper convertor that wants to build camper vehicles over the quiet winter months and rent them out during the summer. Until now this required quite a hefty investment.
For even less risk use our Flip & Return Finance.

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