Outright Purchase

If approved for outright purchase we have established supply chains for most major manufacturers. Alternatively source your own vehicles via your own dealers. We order speculative stock of fast moving products. For 2021 2022 stock will be low as you no doubt will be aware

  • Buy high volume stock vehicles online and typically delivered in 7/10 days when available.
    Via our locked account holders area
  • Vehicles are delivered directly to your premises.
  • Factory order more unusual products with a small deposit.
  • Fund yourself outright or we invoice your funder directly.
  • or Fund via our automated pre agreed credit limit within your account (Rent to (Buy)
  • Vehicles supplied net of any discounts, bonuses and support making cashflow and accounting simpler.
  • Guidance on customer and manufacturer contracts.
    The vehicles cannot be sold in many cases for a minimum period to keep both customers happy and to protect the dealer network and residual prices. There is a yearly audit fee in most cases to ensure franchisees adhere to this.

Order Via Website Or App

Popular volume models are on our website for you to either purchase from stock or to place a factor order. Once an approved franchisee we will simply direct debit for your purchase. This ensures low operational costs by volume deals
More specialised models order via your account manager.

  • Revolving credit on Rent To Buy
  • or Traditional term finance 12- 60 months via our supporting lender
  • Major finance companies and some you might have never heard of.

Asset Tracking with Autosecure

A fact of life is that not all customers will keep up with their rental obligations and some will actually try to tamper with the milage.
Our products can demonstrate in real time not only the mileage but also the location of the vehicles.
We can train you to fit these devices in minutes and also how to remove for the next vehicle.
Alternatively there is a tracking product that will actually immobilise the vehicle but we recommend that we fit this at your rental location where possible.

  • A small self fitted tracker you can fit yourself in minutes to most vehicles. We can show you how.
    See where your vehicles on our app and in your vehicle purchase history account.
    See the mileage.
  • Make sure the customer is not exceeding the mileage
  • Provide proof of trafic violations
  • Upgrade to a tracker with a remote immobiliser
  • Protect your asset and payments