Vehicle Funding

There are two principle reasons for vehicle funding. 1. Firstly so you can grow your rental fleet and generate used vehicle stock to retail or trade. And 2. secondary to offer finance on the used stock you generate.

  • No credit license is required to rent out vehicles
  • A credit license is required if you wish to offer you used vehicles to customers on finance. There is quite a cost implication to this so we can alternatively put you in touch with another franchisee who can offer the finance for you.
  • Many of our franchisees do not have unlimited funds thus will need to borrow the money for their rental fleet.
    We can help.
  • Revolving pre agreed credit limit. We look at this yearly to hopefully grow your fleet. This means that you can order a vehicle, sign some paperwork and simply pay a monthly fee for the vehicle until you sell it typically at the end of the agreed period.
  • Traditional finance 12 months to 5 years. We simply help you finance it through our finance partners who themselves will make the decisions.
  • If you reach your credit limit we still have our rent and return and rent to buy programmes