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Vehicle Rental Software

Get access to a choice of vehicle rental software. Control your paperwork online. Take pictures of vehicle in and out on rental.
Fully integrated systems that take booking 24/7. Many integrate with accounting software to reduce time and automate billing.
Spend more time focussing on customers not paperwork whilst still bringing the money in.

Vehicle Asset Tracking

We recommend that every vehicle on your fleet is tracked by our website or App. For small fixed fee monitor the milage and location 24/7 of your vehicle. Choose either from a simple self fit Tracker or one of our professionally installed units complete with remote immobilisation. Our patented software will automatically remind the customer via a light on the dash and a Subtle SMS should a payment be missed. No pay? Then then take it away.

Partner Rental Portal

Get access to our portal and network of over 200 daily rental locations that can bridge the gap from 1 day to 3 months. In many cases insurance can be provided directly to the customer to avoid large premiums.

Rental Insurance

Protect your asset in 3 separate ways
1. Via our insurance broker who specialises in fleets and self drive hire. The price is usually based on how many vehicle on the road.
2. Via longer term rental but we can offer many customers GAP insurance as many will not be insured on a self drive fully.
3. Partner Rental insurance. Shorter term rentals we can provide insurance directly to customers on a daily basis.

Anti Fraud Database & KYC

Scan the database for hirers whom have caused excessive damage, skipped payments, tampered with trackers or mileage. DATA base requires BVLRA Membership and a separate subscription. Acceptance not guaranteed but recommended.
Verify customers as a percentage score. Reduce risk of theft and TWOC.